An established rice farming company in East Java looking for UK business partner and rice milling unit.

A rice farming company in East Java producing organic redrice, white rice, brown rice, black rice and cashew nuts in a plasma farmingsystem is looking for UK business partner and rice milling unit. The companyrecently acquires 100 Ha of land and will be expanded for more than 20 Ha. Therice production rate is 25 tons per month and the products have been certifiedby Indonesian institutions. The certificates obtained are Organic FarmingCertificate SNI No. 6729 2010 from Lesos with Reg No. 048-LPO-005-IDN-048, FreeChemical Residue Certificate from Sucofindo with Reg no. 350880, and NutritionSufficiency Certificate from Laboratory of Food Science and Technology of BogorAgricultural University (IPB), with Reg no. 014-12/FL/4.2.3/LDITP.

 They are currently looking for:

(1) UK Rice Milling Unitto enhance the production.The Rice Milling Unit preferred shallhave automatic milling system with adjustable density for 10-20 tons capacity.The most affordable price with the most recent technology will have anadvantage.

(2) UK business partner to distribute organicrice of various species and cashew nuts. The UK business partner should be a company or firm based in UK which willdistribute various species of organic rice and cashew nuts. It shall have anetwork with UK food retailers and consumers as well as having capability forassisting the company in obtaining certification required for exporting food toUK and handling the forwarding and import documents.

Any intereseted UK company and/or any enquiry regarding this opportunity, please fill the form and we will get back to you at the soonest.

Deadline: May 31, 2016

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