Useful Contacts

BKPM: A government body that manages foreign investors, investment licenses and registration of business. BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board)

BSN: A government body under the Ministry of Industry that manages quality standardization for certain products, especially imported products. BSN (National Standardization Body)

BPOM: A government body which regulates food and drug products in the market. Both local and imported products must be testedand accepted by BPOM before they can be sold in Indonesia. BPOM (Food and Drugs Control Agency) or  

KADIN: The local chamber of commerce in Indonesia is open to local or foreign companies interested in the Indonesian market. The organisation is non-governmental but works hand-in-hand with the government, especially on discussions or advise on regulations on trade and investment. The organisation consists of business men throughout Indonesia.

British Embassy:

APINDO: An independent organisation of Indonesian entrepreneurs.

HIPMI: Indonesia Young Entrepreneur Association.

Bank Indonesia: An independent state institution.

KPK: The Corruption Eradication Commission is a government body which was established to fight corruption in Indonesia.

GAPMMI: Business association for Food & Beverage of All Indonesian companies or organization to promote food & beverages businesses in Indonesia. 

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