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Ease of Doing Business

The Ease of Doing Business


Indonesia’s Attractions for Foreign Investors


Indonesia possesses a number of significant attractions for foreign direct investment, whether British in origin or from elsewhere. These include:
  • Favourable demographics; a large young energetic work force in need of employment plus a rapidly emerging middle class with rising disposable incomes.
  • Abundant natural resources in high demand from the global economy including oil and natural gas, hard rock minerals, fertile agricultural land, exploitable forests and fisheries
  • Stable politics including smooth changes of government at local and national level after democratic elections.
  • Highly regarded macroeconomic management for more than a decade since the Asian economic financial crisis.
  • Sustained economic growth especially since the onset of the global crisis and recession since 2008.

British Investment in Indonesia
Britain has been a major investor in Indonesia since before independence. Some British companies in Indonesia can trace their origins to more than a century ago. Few other foreign countries have had a longer history of investing in Indonesia than Britain. During even some of the most challenging years of Indonesia’s history, British companies have maintained their commitment.
Cumulatively, Britain is among the very largest foreign investors in Indonesia and has stakes across a wide range of sectors including oil and natural gas exploration and production; banking, insurance and financial services; agribusiness; manufacturing aerospace; consumer goods; large scale retail; hotels and tourism; power generation plantations; motor vehicle production and real estate development. Many of these companies are long established and very successful.
Currently the interest of UK companies in investing in Indonesia is as high as it has been since the mid 1990’s. BritCham ??s latest Business Confidence Index Survey (BCIS) has confirmed that the business outlook of British companies in Indonesia is very positive. The launch this year of the UK-ASEAN Business Council is a reflection of the level of enthusiasm for investing in the region and especially in Indonesia.