Terms and Conditions


When an event booking is made, the attendee accepts the Standard Financial Terms & Conditions which are as follows:

Event Fee:

1.  The appropriate event fee will be payable at all times, unless written notice (electronic) is received not less than 24 hours prior to the published event start date & time.

2.  No-shows will be issued with a 7-day invoice by e-mail from BritCham Finance department. Failure to settle may result in the imposition of special conditions for attendance at future events.

3.   Unless otherwise promoted, payments for events are on cash, debit or credit card basis at the venue (we accept Visa & MasterCard without surcharge). We regret that our policy is payment before entry. 

Note: In the case of extrenuous circumstances, attendees are kindly requested to write directly to the BritCham Executive Director at: chriswren@britcham.or.id

4.  Member fees apply to registered nominees of corporate member* and individual members. Non-member rates apply to all other attendees. (*Temporary substitution of nominees is not permitted.)

5   For Business & Social Gatherings only, the husband / wife of a registered nominee or individual member will be regarded as a member.

NOTE: The Executive Director or his officers reserve all rights to refuse entry to or to request the exit of any person(s) to/from any BritCham event