Britcham Indonesia - Communications Policy

Communications Policy


If you are a member, a nominee of a member, and have provided your data for attendance at an event or in any other way, directly to BritCham personnel or via Britcham delivery partners both in the UK and Indonesia and South East Asia, you are giving your approval for BritCham to transmit all our correspondence to you. Each communication has an 'unsubscribe' option which you are invited to use if you wish to limit the content we distribute to you. 

You are also approving to receive correspondence regarding events offered by selected stakeholders and partner. 

If you wish to be excluded from all communications use the following link - 'unsubscribe' within all newsletters (Events and Business Snapshots). You will then have to rely on your own use of our website to be aware of our activities and business  information that we have put in the public domain. 

If you would like to offer us your feedback on any aspect of our Chamber, please click here.