Britcham Indonesia - 10 Priority Tourist Destinations Project with Tourism Ministry & Wellington Capital Advisory (WCA)

10 Priority Tourist Destinations Project with Tourism Ministry & Wellington Capital Advisory (WCA)

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya together with the ministry’s head of development acceleration for 10 Priority Tourist Destinations, Hiramsyah S. Thaib, conducted an official meeting with the CEO of Wellington Capital Advisory (WCA) David Burke on October 10, 2018.


WCA is an independent capital advisory firm that is based in Jakarta and Singapore.


During the meeting, Burke said his company has been receiving many investment requests for the tourism sector in Indonesia with clients mostly hailing from London, Paris and New York.


WCA also reveals its interest in helping to promote investment opportunities in the 10 Priority Tourist Destinations. It also requested to be given a list of potential tourist destinations where their clients can make an investment.


“Of course it should be in line with the government's development plans,” said Hiramsyah.


The tourism sector in Indonesia currently needs US$10 billion for development.


“Tourism is one of the leading sectors in Indonesia. WCA is making the right decision in helping the ministry to develop the country’s tourism,” said Arief.


Tourism is a growing sector in Indonesia. According to World Travel & Tourism Council, Indonesia is 1st in Southeast Asia in terms of tourism industry.


Indonesia’s Travel and Competitiveness index is now 4.16 from 3.7 and has steadily climbed the global ranks in the last 10 years from 80th to 42nd position.


Arief explained that with regards to branding, in 2018, Wonderful Indonesia is ranked 47th, much higher as compared to Amazing Thailand which ranked 68th and Malaysia Truly Asia at the 85th spot.


For more information on this opportunity, WCA has prepared an info memo deck with detailed information on the 10 Priority Tourist Destinations which can be downloaded here:


May 3, 2019