Latest Updates & Guidance for COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) _ Updated on 08 April 2020


Last update: 8 April 2020

Summarising latest support & guidance from various official sources on COVID-19 in Indonesia & UK.

The information will link to the statistics of COVID-19 cases, Indonesia & UK latest news updates, and local government supports which could effectively reduce risks while working or living in Indonesia.


Condition in Indonesia

# Per 08 April 2020

Positive: 2,733

Cured: 204


Click here for more details from the Indonesian Health Ministry.

Click here for more details from the Jakarta Government.


Update from The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB):

Extends the emergency period of the Coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia to May 29, 2020. The extension of the Covid-19 disaster emergency period is determined based on the Decree of the Head of BNPB Number 13.A of 2020.




  • Message from BritCham

  • Chairman's Message 06 April 2020 HERE
  • Executive Director's Message 03 April 2020 Update HERE
  • Executive Director's Message 27 March 2020 Update HERE
  • Executive Director's Message 18 March 2020 Update HERE




  • RI Minister of Health Approves LSSR in DKI Jakarta Province

The Minister of Health, Terawan officially approved LSSR in DKI Jakarta Province through his decree [Indonesian version – HERE] which was established today, 7th of April 2020. The decision was taken as DKI Jakarta has fulfilled all administrative requirements and action plan that the province will execute once LSSR is implemented.  The implementation of LSSR will be left on the DKI Jakarta Government while referring to the guidance from the Ministry of Health [Permenkes no.9(2020)], government regulations and President’s instructions on COVID-19 mitigation


  • President Jokowi’s Instruction: Conditional Release of General Prisoners and Compulsory Use of Mask for Outdoor Activities

During the restricted virtual meeting on COVID-19 Task Force report, President Jokowi delivered three instructions relating to COVID-19 mitigation efforts i.e. 1) Conditional release of general prisoners; 2) Faster COVID-19 test and distribution of protective gear & medical supplies; 3) Compulsory use of mask for outdoor activities.

Official coverage is available HERE

Informal translation of key points [President Jokowi’s Instruction - April 6, 2020]


  • Ministry of Health's Guidance of LSSR in support of COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts _ updated on 06/04

Following President Jokowi's instruction, the RI Ministry of Health issued a regulation containing guidance of LSSR implementation amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Health Regulation no.9 (2020) - Indonesian version HERE (Permenkes no.9 tahun 2020)

Key Points of the Minister of Health Regulation no.9 (2020) - Informal Translations


  • Emergency Stay Permit _ updated on 01/04 HERE

To curb COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the RI Government through Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree no. 11 (2020) on Temporary Ban for Foreigners to enter Indonesia [Indonesian version here - PERMEN_KUMHAM_11_2020 _ updated 01/04] . This regulation will be effective on Thursday, April 2 2020, replacing Permenkumham no. 7 & 8 2020


For foreigners in Indonesia whose travel and stay permit is expired and/or cannot be extended will be automatically granted Emergency Stay Permit without submitting a request to Immigration Office. This service is free of charge.


More details here

[Key Points of Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree no.11_2020] _ updated on 01/04

[Press Release on RI Temporary Travel Ban amidst COVID-19] _ updated on 02/04


  • Ministry of Transportation’s Recommendation on Restriction of Transportation Mode in Jabodetabek Area _ update 04/01

SE. 5 BPTJ Tahun 2020

Informal Translation of Ministry of Transportation Circular no. SE.5 BPTJ (2020) re Restriction on Jabodetabek Transportation Mode



  • The Government of DKI Jakarta Launched a Rapid Test for Those at High-Risk of Infection _ updated on 01/04

Press Release NUMBER: 1171/SP-HMS/04/2020 [HERE]



  • Large-Scale Social Restriction & National Health Emergency Status

Indonesian version Government Regulations no. 21 (2020) on Large-Scale Social Restriction [Indonesian ver. / Unofficial English translation] [effective on 31st of March 2020]

Indonesian version Presidential Decree no. 11 (2020) on National Health Emergency Status [Indonesian ver. /Unofficial English translation] [effective on 31st of March 2020]

Informal English translation of Permenkes 9 (2020): Minister of Health Regulation no. 9 (2020) on Large Scale Social Restrictions

Press Release of President Jokowi’s Instruction on Large Scale Social Restrictions - Urgent Translation by AmCham Indonesia 

Key Points of RI Regulations on LSSR & National Health Emergency Status




  • National Financial Regulation and Financial System Stability for the Mitigation of COVID-19 

Perppu Nomor 1 Tahun 2020 [effective on 31st of March 2020] updated on

Key Points of the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law no.1 (2020) updated on 02/04



  • RI Government Support amidst COVID-19 Crisis _ updated on 03/31

President Jokowi also delivered six forms of government support including Pre-Employment Card Programme, reduction on electricity tariff, and credit payment relaxation amid COVID-19 crisis during his remarks on March 31, 2020. 

Presidential Remarks on March 31, 2020 – Urgent Translations by AmCham Indonesia [HERE]

President Jokowi Instructed Prioritised Protection for Health Workers on March 31, 2020 – Urgent Translation by AmCham Indonesia [HERE]


  • Indonesian Consumers’ Response towards COVID-19

  • Nielsen Indonesia, a respected market research company, conducted a research on the response of Indonesian consumers following the widespread of COVID-19 in the country. Detailed result is available HERE (NIELSEN - RACE AGAINST THE VIRUS - MARCH30 RELEASE)



  • ‘Tidak Mudik Tidak Piknik Lebaran 2020’ (Not Going Home No Picnic during Eid Al-Fitr 2020) _ updated on 30/03

Campaign Poster

Summary of the Regulation

Press release on President Jokowi’s remarks during a Closed-Meeting on ‘Mudik’ Issue - Urgent Translation by AmCham Indonesia



  • Tax Incentives amid Coronavirus 2020 [PMK no.23 (2020)] _ updated 30/03

Key point of PMK no.23 (2020)

PMK no. 23 (2020) Indonesian version

PMK - 23 / PMK.03 / 2020 Indusctry Sector



  • Service Acceleration of Imported Goods for COVID-19 Management _ updated 30/03

Details on the service - Britcham's Informal Translation

Details on the service - Indonesian version


  • Message from HMA Owen Jenkins

    • 25 March 2020 Update HERE




  • Messages from PM

  • Prime Minister announces record UK aid funding towards COVID-19 vaccine : HERE (30 March 2020)
  • Lockdown : HERE (24 March 2020)



Official government press release HERE

British Chamber of Commerce response HERE


  • Policy on Returning to the UK from FCO

British nationals in Indonesia who wish to leave, should make arrangements to do so as soon as possible.

The number of international flights out of Indonesia is reducing daily, to destinations within the region and globally, so you may not be able to leave Indonesia when you had planned to. Flights and medical evacuation may not be available, or become very expensive if you do not depart soon.

The British Embassy Jakarta is issuing regular updates on Twitter and Facebook with the latest available information on flight departure options for British nationals wishing to leave Bali and other areas of Indonesia.

For flight tracker to UK, click HERE

More detail, HERE



  • Advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents

This is advice for visa customers and applicants in the UK, visa customers outside of the UK and British nationals overseas who need to apply for a passport affected by travel restrictions associated with coronavirus. HERE



  • UK Business information

On 23 March BEIS launched a coronavirus (COVID-19) business support website as part of a new business information campaign. The website outlines the full range of support measures that have been made available to UK businesses and employees, including the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme and the Self-employment Income Support Scheme. HERE



  • Business & Employers Bulletin on COVID-19

UK businesses and stakeholders can now sign up to BEIS’ new Business and Employer Bulletin on Coronavirus (COVID-19).



  • Chancellor unveils £350bn lifeline for economy _ updated on 20/03



Call for ventilators: The government is looking for businesses who can support in the supply of ventilators across the UK as part of our response to COVID-19. Please ask any companies offering existing ventilator equipment to email



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General: 119 ext 9

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Support for British Nationals in the country is available 24/7: +62 02123565200



General: 111

Scotland: call your GP or NHS 24 on 111 out of hours

Wales: 111 (if available in your area) or 0845 46 47

Northern Ireland: 111

Notes: Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital



British Chamber of Commerce

Corona Support Hub




World Health Organization

General update HERE

Travel Advice HERE

World Health Organization warned RI Government to declare the Covid-19 outbreak in the country as national emergency.



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