Executive Director's Brief on Corona

Dear BritCham Members and our friends,


I will keep this brief because everyone seems to be on information overload at the moment. However, I feel I need to share how BritCham will operate and support you in the coming weeks.


My team is very fortunate to have a Chairman (Ainsley), Officers and Board with experience of this type of extraordinary situation or are executives of local and International companies that are being pre-emptive and strategic. All this has amounted to very welcomed guidance for my Executive Office team.


Our event programme is currently suspend until April 30, but under constant review. So to share that the BritCham team will be operating normally in all respects except that most will be working safely and remotely. They will continue to keep in contact, explore opportunities with you, represent you, discuss your visits and events, refer you, post your offers, assist with information requests just as before, except meetings will be via web-based options or the old-fashioned phone call.


As for myself, I was in the midst of our market access support UK roadshow when c-virus issues escalated. It was decided that it was in my own and the Chamber’s best interest to stay in the UK and to progress some very positive membership developments with our UK facing stakeholders in the same time zone. I am as available to members as always. For anyone who would like to contact me personally, my number for calls and mobile is: +44 7561 485733. My email is: chriswren@britcham.or.id


We are all in a situation with more questions than answers. We do not plan to post information about C-Virus because I know that you receive updates across many channels. BUT, if any of you have any business-related anecdotes, guidance or news in the current context, please share and we will share with the BritCham community. I will post from time-to-time from Blighty!


On behalf of my Executive Office team, it just leaves me to hope that you and your families and teams will remain safe and we look forward to resuming normal service as soon as is safely possible.


Very best wishes,


Chris Wren

Executive Director

BritCham Indonesia